Being a financial advisor is a tough job, but it’s all the more challenging when you don’t have a sound client base. For many advisors, a constant goal that they’re working towards is a larger, more secure client base. In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of the things that you should focus on to, in turn, draw in new customers. Let’s get started.

Specialties & Strengths

Focusing on a particular strength or area of financial advising is a fantastic way to draw in some additional customers. Start by determining which part of the financial advisor world you’re passionate about and where your skills lie. Once you’ve determined what your strong suits are, it’s going to be all the easier to narrow down the customers that are in need of your services.

Aside from being able to focus your efforts on individuals with specific needs, focusing on an area where you are skilled and knowledgeable is one of the only ways to provide quality services to your customers time and time again. Marketing yourself as a financial advisor who specializes in a particular area is definitely going to speak to customers with those specific needs while also informing them that you have experience working in this part of the industry.

Focus on Customer Relationships

Drawing people into your services is never enough. In order to have loyal customers, you need to build relationships with your customers that last a lifetime. It’s essential to recognize that this happens in every bit of interaction that you have with a customer. From the moment that they reach out to you to the times where you are talking strategy with them, you need to be focused on the relationship.

Customer service is the most common way that financial advisors view customer relationships, but it is so much more than that. While responding in a timely manner and always being polite is sure to create a pleasant experience for your customers, your customers need more if they’re going to trust you. Transparency with your customers and being yourself are some of the ways that you can break down walls and create a genuine relationship. In the long-run, this is what’s going to provide you with customer loyalty.  

Set the Right Price

When it comes to the price of the services that you’re offering, one thing is essential, and it’s that you don’t compromise on the value of your services. While it may seem like a great strategy to offer financial advising services at a low cost, this can often backfire and lead people to believe that they aren’t going to receive the same quality that they would with someone charging more. Aside from that, you shouldn’t feel bad charging your loyal, long-term clients more when your business evolves and adds more services. Let your clients know how they are benefiting from the services that you’re offering and why the cost of their services is increasing. As individuals looking for quality financial guidance, they should understand why the price is increasing.

Build Brand Awareness

In order to really get your name out and spike an interest in people that need your services, your brand needs to be well-known. This isn’t always easy, especially if you are relatively new in the industry. If you are aware that you haven’t focused much on the information surrounding you or your business, then it’s time to dedicate some time to this particular aspect of running a financial advising business.

From your LinkedIn profile and website to your business cards and marketing solutions you’re using, you want to ensure that all of the information surrounding your business is up to date and easily accessible. You also want to make sure that if someone is trying to find someone that offers your services, you are easy to find and that they see the benefits of working with you.  

Your Strategy

Money isn’t something that people take lightly — it’s often years of hard work that they’re trusting a stranger with, which can be extremely unnerving. The relationship that you build with your customers can definitely help build some trust, but a factor that will always yield trust is a sound strategy. Your clients want to know that you have some strategy and reasoning to the choices that you’re making. While your knowledge and experience will undoubtedly play a part in the choices that you make, show your customers that you aren’t solely basing your decisions off these factors alone.

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