Financial advisors are challenged to continue to learn each and every day. With as fast-paced of a profession as it is, it can be rather challenging to find time to discover the most valuable resources around. Alpha Droid fully understands just how busy financial advisors are, which is why we’ve spent some time digging up some of the documentaries that have been suggested for people in this industry. The films that we are going to touch on are, hands-down, some of the most well-known documentaries not only for financial advisors, but also for individuals curious about money in general. Grab a pen and some paper so that you can write down any of the following documentaries that jump out to you.


With a title like Trader, it’s no surprise that this documentary made the list. This documentary follows Paul Tudor Jones, an expert investor. This biographical documentary tells the story of Jones, who predicted the economic drop of 1987. With the various tools that Jones used, he was able to predict the economic fall, but the documentary also does an excellent job at showing just how big of a factor luck plays when it comes to being a financial advisor. If you’re interested in significant individuals in the world of finance, you absolutely need to take some time to watch Trader.

Life and Debt

This documentary talks about something that so many people are familiar with: debt. While there are personal struggles that come with debt, this particular documentary shows how debt can put smaller countries into bad situations. As a whole, this documentary wants to provide some insight into how countries needing to be bailed out of debt can affect the culture, small businesses, and most importantly, the citizens. If you are passionate about keeping people out of debt, you will definitely find this documentary to be fascinating.

Inside Job

It’s pretty difficult to forget the economic crisis of 2008. Inside Job is, without a doubt, one of the most well-done documentaries that cover this financial crisis in regards to both housing and banking. Inside Job was broken down into five different parts, each covering a different U.S. policy change that led to the demise of our economic standing point. This documentary is one that every financial advisor could benefit from, simply because it covers one of the most significant economic failures in history. With the information covered in this film, financial advisors can learn more about what it was that lead our country to one of the worst economic downfalls in our history.

The Warning

Yet another documentary covering the 2008 economic crisis, The Warning touches specifically on just how much this downfall could have been avoided. In particular, this documentary touches on the presentation done by Brooksley Born, who created a plan to regulate specific derivatives that would help ensure our economy didn’t fail. Unfortunately, she was ignored time and time again, and the same derivatives she mentioned in her presentation where the reason why. This is another film that is fantastic for teaching financial advisors about the mistakes that have been made in the past and how we can avoid them. 

The Ascent of Money

As we’ve covered in our last two documentaries, it’s good to have a thorough understanding of the history of finance. The Ascent of Money provides a full historical background of the financial world and how it has changed over the years. When we say it’s a complete historical background, we mean complete. This documentary covers everything from the ancient city of Babylon, the exploitation of the Cerro Rico de Potosí, the economic downfall of 2008, and everything in between. Whether you’re someone that is passionate about the history of the finance industry or you’re simply wanting to get a better understanding of how we got to where we are today, this is a documentary that is entirely worth watching. 

Freakonomics: The Movie

Freakonomics isn’t entirely about finances, but it does touch on various reasons that you can tie directly to human behavior and why we are the way we are. As a financial advisor, you will find yourself having to understand people and the choices that they make, even when you don’t understand them personally. Being able to get a good feel for what it is that drives people to make their choices is something incredibly valuable, and you can get that in this particular documentary. If you’ve been looking for a way to get closer to your clients or find some way to get into their heads, we highly suggest watching this movie more than once. It’s pretty incredible what you can learn about mankind and the strange ways that we think.

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