Financial advising can be a cutthroat industry. Any quality advantage you can get is important. AlphaDroid is here to provide you with powerful tools on the market and money side, but as we can say without a doubt that excellence begins in the office. Whether you own a practice or you work for a firm, the way you run your practice day-to-day is the foundation that will be steady under your feet when things get chaotic. We want to use today’s blog to share a few hacks that will help you keep your practice on track over time.

  • Organizing your time is a must, both in and out of the office. Do your best to structure your time in a way that ensures you get what you need, whether that is regular workouts, weekends away, or special events every so often. Otherwise, you will struggle to bring 100 percent to the office. Additionally, you’ll open yourself up to burnout.
  • When you’re organizing your time, identify when in the day you have the highest energy. Tackle your most difficult or disliked tasks during these times, and your energy will carry you through. It is better to get things done because you had the energy to do them, not because you had the panic to power you.
  • Use colors to code different types of events in your calendar. For instance, client appointments could be yellow, marketing and prospecting could be green, networking events could be orange, and blue could indicate follow-up calls. The color scheme is up to you, but you should be able to tell what your day holds with a single glance.
  • Establish a work week structure and fit events in around it. We know that each week has its random challenges, but if you have a core schedule, you’ll find it easier to keep your equilibrium. Rather than floating adrift in a sea of possibilities, you’ll have times you’re available and times you aren’t. Making appointments and finding time to tend to things that crop up is easier when you have a core schedule to fall back on.
    • Having an established schedule allows you to live proactively and stay ahead of the curve. You won’t be ruled by your day’s emergencies, reduced to reacting to things as they happen. Instead, you can already have your bases covered. Not only does this secure your sanity, it makes you look like a true professional.
    • Being disciplined about your schedule definitely involves your phone and email. You should pick times of the week or day when you won’t answer calls or check emails. You need to be able to focus. Not only that, your clients need you to be able to focus; you are steering their financial ships, after all!

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