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Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is no longer an effective investment strategy to follow. MPT fails to consider that a rational investor has choices other than buy-and-hold diversification. Plus, MPT can lead to RIAs to keep investors locked into investment decisions based on forecasting models that don’t adapt to ever-changing market conditions. Rather than supporting a buy and hold strategy, AlphaDroid supports an Active Management Strategy. AlphaDroid can reliably pull information from market data to better identify which asset classes are showing strengths and other investment opportunities to help advisors attain profits while potentially mitigating risk and losses.


Monitor Portfolio Performance

Investors can stay on top of their portfolios by getting a complete picture of their performances and being better equipped to analyze, construct, and compare the investment portfolios they are managing.


Ready To Use Investment Strategies

AlphaDroid is equipped with various ready-to-use investment strategies. An AlphaDroid Strategy consists of a selection of up to 12 ticker symbols with a few trading rules, crash protection options, and performance testing options.


True Sector Rotation®

True Sector Rotation is the method of owning the one best-trending fund at any time. This technology measures what market sectors are already doing and selects the one best trend leader to own from a set of up to 12 candidate funds


Effective Strategy Management

AlphaDroid allows up to 500 active investment strategies for managing client accounts, as well as 200 portfolios to organize multiple strategies in each client’s portfolio.


Market Crash Protection

AlphaDroid’s StormGuard Market Crash Protection algorithm monitors overall market health and advises investment strategies to move to safety during a market storm. This helps investors avoid crippling losses from market dips or long-duration bear markets.


Design Custom Strategies

AlphaDroid’s financial planning tools allow advisors and investors to create an investment strategy from scratch.

Predict and Trade the Market With

Premium Investment Portfolio Management Software

With AlphaDroid, financial investors and traders can better analyze, construct, and compare investment portfolios. Using powerful algorithmic trading strategies and sector momentum measurements, AlphaDroid’s portfolio allocation software can help identify which portions of the market are likely to outperform near term, enabling advisors and investors to indicate the risk and returns of a client’s portfolio.