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How to “Own the Bubble”

Market bubbles are both euphoric as they form and dangerous when they pop. While FOMO, the “Fear of Missing Out,” drives investors to push markets higher with irrational exuberance, eventually “Buy the Dip” no longer works, and momentum flips to the downside.

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Exchange-Traded Fund Strategy

Financial advisors and investors use a variety of algorithmic trading strategies to reap returns for their clients….

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Factor-Based Investing Algorithmic Trading Strategy

Algorithmic trading strategies are used by financial advisors, investors, and traders to quickly execute orders when stocks…

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The Mean Reversion Strategy

Using computer programs to trade quickly based on specific criteria, algorithmic trading helps financial advisors and investors…

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Momentum Investing 101

Algorithmic trading, simply put, uses computers that are programmed to take specific steps in response to the…

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Which Market Trends You Need to Be Concerned With

The finance industry is a challenging one to keep up with. When you’re working with the money…

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Reasons to Open Your Own Financial Advisory Practice

Working in the financial advisory industry is incredibly rewarding. Though there are plenty of opportunities to join…

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Ways Traders Can Improve Trading Discipline

Discipline. It is something every trader wishes to improve, heck, maybe it even made it on the…

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Mitigating Risk With Position Sizing Trading

Whether you are dealing with trading systems and trading strategies, market analysis, or the holy grail of…

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The Reason Why Traders Earn Below-Average Returns

According to a 2017 study conducted by Dalbar Inc., a company that studies the behavior of traders…

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How to Gain A Competitive Edge Over Major Indexes in Stock Trading

Trading stocks can be a very competitive endeavor to get into. Large corporations, hedge funds, and other…

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Features To Look For When Choosing An Algo Trading System

There are many benefits of using automated trading systems for traders and investors. However, there are a…

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