It’s a Crypto-Fight… You Need Crypto-Might

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Okay, okay – we’ll start with the exciting stuff and discuss the tiresome, overdue recession later. If you have been paying attention to the financial media, it’s all abuzz about the SEC approval Wednesday of 11 ETFs for Bitcoin, enabling investors to own cryptocurrencies without taking the extra steps involved in buying actual Bitcoin.

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Just a Correction? + Nitrogen Integration!

AlphaDroid and Nitrogen Integration

Starting Monday, April 29th, AlphaDroid’s offerings will be live in the Nitrogen Wealth Partner Store. In addition to offering Advanced Momentum and Risk Mitigation Tools, AlphaDroid has posted 25 awesome SMA Models that may be imported into client portfolios for experimentation or presentation purposes.

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Bubble Check and the Magnificent 7 Strategy

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Market bubbles clearly come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the largest bubbles have included the Dutch Tulip Bubble, South Sea Bubble, Nifty Fifty Bubble, Biotech Bubble, Dot Com Bubble, US Housing Bubble, Bitcoin Bubble, and now perhaps an AI Bubble.

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How to “Own the Bubble”

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Market bubbles are both euphoric as they form and dangerous when they pop. While FOMO, the “Fear of Missing Out,” drives investors to push markets higher with irrational exuberance, eventually “Buy the Dip” no longer works, and momentum flips to the downside.

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