Who We Are And Why We Are Doing This

We Believe:

  • High performance investment software should be for everyone — not just big Wall Street firms.
  • Diversification is not a justifiable reason to own poorly performing funds — they hurt your portfolio.
  • Great investment advice isn't a stock sorting tool — it's automatically selecting this month's best stock

Company Mission:

The mission of SumGrowth, Inc. is to provide a fully automated, subscription-based, Web-delivered, investment modeling/signaling service for individuals and advisors that delivers returns substantially higher than the S&P 500 with meaningfully lower market volatility risk to enable our customers to achieve an earlier retirement and/or higher standard of retirement living without the burdensome time, discipline, and training required of market analysts and day traders. We at SumGrowth say: Its not just for the big boys anymore, our servers will do the hard work for you while you go have a life. We intend to level the playing field by making our SectorSurfer and AlphaDroid online services available to everyone without the need to interrupt their life pursuits to become an analyst, and without the need to pay an arm and a leg for the service.

What We Do:

We provide ready-made momentum strategies and momentum modeling tools for you to configure your own models based on market momentum in both bull and bear markets. Following the close of each market day, our server performs an algorithmic analysis of every subscriber's strategies to determine if any have a new momentum leader. A trade signal is texted or emailed to subscribers with a new momentum leader in any of their strategies. SumGrowth , Inc. is not a registered investment advisor and does not provide professional financial investment advice specific to your life situation. SectorSurfer and AlphaDroid arsolelysolely algorithmic strategy analysis tools that produce trade signals according to the set of funds you provide for analysis. Strategy performance is hypothetical, based on trading at the market close of trade dates, and does not include associated trading fees or subscription fees.