Strategies: Custom and Ready-Made

When you use our elite financial planning tools, you can instantly create a Strategy from scratch or import one from a list on the Strategies Management page. An AlphaDroid Strategy consists of a selection of up to 12 ticker symbols with a few trading rules, crash protection options, and performance testing options. With AlphaDroid asset allocation software, the tedious selection of most algorithmic parameters has been fully automated, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of Strategy construction just as a sports coach must focus on selecting talented athletes likely to play well together.

The Strategies Management page allows up to 500 Active Strategies for managing client accounts, and 300 Sandbox Strategies for developing and testing new asset allocation strategies. You may limit the Strategies actually displayed by setting the display filters above the Strategy table listing. The Strategy Buy/Sell and basic performance information are displayed without the need to drill into reports. Operating options can be edited by clicking the blue information icon, and ticker symbols can be edited simply by clicking them. Individual Strategies are then assembled in client Portfolios.