We Believe:

  • High performance investment software should be for advisors that recognize that Modern Portfolio Theory is no longer modern.
  • Diversification is not a justifiable reason to own poorly performing funds — they hurt your portfolio.
  • Great investment advice isn’t a stock sorting tool — it’s about automating when to own the the best investments and when not to.

Company Mission:

The mission of AlphaDroid Strategies is to provide a fully automated, subscription-based, Web-delivered, mutual fund and ETF investment advisory service for financial advisors that delivers returns higher than the S&P 500 with meaningfully lower market volatility risk without the burdensome time, discipline, and training required of market analysts and day traders.

Large corporations, hedge funds, and other professional financial managers have long held a distinct advantage over the average citizen by utilizing proprietary complex financial analysis algorithms coupled with main frame computers and streaming market data to achieve investment results far superior to the “diversify and rebalance” strategies they sell to the public. With the increase in computing power, and the evolution of the cloud based storage and data technology, our computers will do the hard work for you.

We intend to level the playing field by making our online delivered service available to advisors without the need to interrupt their practice to become an analyst, and at a price that can easily pay for itself within the first year.