Working in the financial advisory industry is incredibly rewarding. Though there are plenty of opportunities to join a financial advisory firm, there are endless advantages to starting your own practice. In today’s blog, the team at Alpha Droid is going to cover a few of the benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy when you choose to start your own firm. If you would like to make Alpha Droid a part of your financial advisory firm, contact us today for more information.


If you’re thinking about starting your own business, one of the main concerns will be whether or not there is enough demand around that industry. The good news with the financial advisory industry is that there is more than enough demand for guidance and advice. With countless people reaching the age of retirement each day, there are so many opportunities for new clients.

Aside from that, money is something that everyone has to deal with. Some people are incredibly wise about their finances and see the value of investing in stocks. Others have a hard time managing a budget and need guidance to get back on the right track. From saving for retirement to purchasing a business, there are so many different reasons that a financial advisor is beneficial, which is what makes the demand for this profession so incredibly high. 

Guidance is a Must

Investments are one of the most common reasons that financial advisors are hired, and it’s no surprise as to why. Unless you are incredibly familiar with the stock market, it is overwhelming to determine which stocks are going to be the most lucrative with your investments. Given that finances are something where success is desired, people are more than likely going to come and ask for assistance from a professional. 

This ties pretty closely into the need for this position, but is also one of the many benefits to being able to start your own practice. If there’s a particular area of finance that you’re passionate about, you need to determine whether or not there’s enough demand that you could start a practice that focuses solely on that area. If that is the case, you could be opening a practice that you are extremely passionate about too. 

Retirement is Extremely Prevalent

Building up a savings to retire with has always been a goal, but now more than ever, we are seeing people start to set aside money and invest in 401ks. Given that this is something that so many people want to have set up and get taken care of, there are a lot of opportunities to gain a client base solely of this service alone. The ability to build a sound client base is easily one of the most terrifying aspects, but if you’re able to do so by offering one service alone, you can breathe a little bit easier.

Build Your Own Structure

If you’re considering opening your own practice, it’s likely because you’ve found some discrepancies in practices that you’ve worked in prior. Whether that’s the case or you simply have an idea that you’d like to put into play, opening your own financial advisory practice gives you the chance to build your own structure. From the mission statement that you stand by to the services that you will offer clients, it is all in your hands. If the structure of the industry or a particular practice have been a challenge for you in this career, this is your chance to create an extremely rewarding aspect of starting your own practice. 

Create an Environment

Aside from being able to create the structure that you’d most like to have, as the owner of your own practice, you can create the environment associated with your practice. Again, this is something that you’ve likely come to realize the value of when working in the industry. From the setup of the office and the individuals that make up your team to the quality of customer service that you provide and day-to-day energy in the office, you have much more control of what experience clients are having based on the environment you’ve created. 

Call The Shots

The last advantage that we’re going to talk about is often the one that draws people to the idea of opening their own practice, but it certainly shouldn’t be the primary reason. When you choose to open your own practice, you have the ability to make the final decision as you see fit. Ultimately, you are the boss. With that being said, this isn’t only a benefit because you’re able to approve vacation time. Being the one who gets to make big decisions means that you can make changes for the better so that your business can thrive. If you’re tired of seeing practices in the industry struggle for any one reason, be the change that you’d like to see in the office space.

Incorporate Alpha Droid

If you do decide to start your own business, it’s good to know that there are various forms of software available that can help provide you with the success you’re looking for. Alpha Droid is a calculated algorithm that provides financial advisors with the current market trends so that they can confidently assist their clients with their finances. Learn more about the software that we’ve created, or start your 30-day free trial! If you need any further assistance, our team would be more than happy to help.