Market Sentiment/Direction Indicator Comparative Performance

In the table and charts below, the performance of seven market direction indicators is evaluated for each of three major classifications of ETFs (broadly diversified, US sectors and world regions). The market direction indicator determines whether it is a bull market (risk-on) or a bear market (risk-off). During a bull market the Strategy selects the trend leader to own at the end of each month from among the Strategy’s candidate ETFs. During a bear market, the Strategy will either move to the safety of CASH or alternatively own a long-term treasury ETF, depending on its configuration. Performance for both of these Bear Market Strategy configurations is detailed below. Please review the Bear Market Strategies page for a discussion on how hindsight selection bias can be avoided during bear markets using a well-designed Strategy that selects from a diverse set of asset classes that often (but not always) do well during a market crash. Protect your assets in the next market crash with StormGuard-Armor — it sets the standard for market crash protection!

US Diversified ETFs Strategy

True Sector Rotation Strategy using IVE, IVV, IVW, IWB, IWV, RSP, SPY, SPYG, MDYG and MDY. (TLH bear symbol)

ETF SPDR Sectors Strategy

True Sector Rotation Strategy using XLE, XLF, XLK, XLI, XLP, XLV, XLY, XRT, XHB, XPH, MDY and SPY. (UST bear symbol)

ETF World Regions Strategy

True Sector Rotation Strategy using DGT, EEM, EFA, EPP, FEZ, IEV, ILF, IOO, MDD, MDY, SPY and QQQ. (TYD bear symbol)