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Our investment strategies and portfolios level the playing field with Wall Street by putting the power of award-winning, high-performance investment algorithms in your hands. Our True Sector Rotation algorithm owns the momentum leaders in bull markets, and our StormGuard algorithm invokes a Bear Market Strategy algorithm to protect and grow your assets during bear markets. We offer the following two levels of subscription services, and a 30-day free trial.

Wealth Manager Subscription:

You can select from among our readymade Prudent Portfolios, or create and edit portfolios of your own design. However, you can’t create or edit underlying strategies held by a portfolio.   $499/mo.

Advanced Quant Subscription:

You can do everything the Wealth Manager can, plus import, edit or create strategies of your own in order to better address specific client needs, or test some of your own great ideas.   $699/mo.

Merlyn.AI Improves and Simplifies Investing

Wikipedia defines AI (Artificial intelligence) as the ability of a machine to perceive its environment and take actions to maximize its chance of success at some goal. For investors, that usually means higher returns, lower risk and less effort. Merlyn.AI intelligently analyzes and automatically selects from hundreds of ETFs on a monthly basis. Merlyn.AI employs genetic algorithms to continuously evolve strategies as the markets and ETFs change. Merlyn.AI adjusts filters and thresholds to be confident trades are neither too early nor too late to the party. Merlyn.AI integrates StormGuard-Armor and Bear Market Strategies to avoid a large loss in the next market crash.

Storm Guard Armor Incorporates Event Detection, Not Simply Timing Adjustments.

While our True Sector Rotation algorithms inherently avoid poorly-performing funds, our StormGuard algorithm monitors overall market health and advises Strategies to move to safety during a market storm.

Conquering The Seven Faces of Risk

"This book is one of the very few ‘must read’ books. For those who have been burned by the ‘diversify and rebalance’ mantra, Conquering the Seven Faces of Risk is sorely needed, and Scott Juds truly delivers. As a fiduciary, I find SectorSurfer’s risk mitigation algorithms to be so far superior to the conventional buy-hold-and-rebalance models that I cannot justify risking my clients’ assets with the latter. I am impressed with Scott Juds’ mission to educate the retail investing community."

David Yeh, MD, (Retired Nuclear Physician), Investment Advisor,
and Author of The Busy Doctor’s Investment Guide

  • The FEDS (FINRA, ERISA, DOL, SEC) are silent on quantitative measures defining suitable and prudent risk management.
  • While a wide latitude helps advisors satisfy client needs, it provides no basis for defense in a risk management audit.
  • However, industry consensus definitions for risk-ranked portfolios are entrenched and accepted by the FEDS. Thus, their risk measures quantify suitable and prudent risk.
  • Extracting trend signals from noisy  market data in a manner that has been the most  predictive of next month's performance.
  • Walking forward in time through new out-of-sample data using the previously determined best performing momentum algorithm.
  • Fully automating the process to allow investor to focus on the higher level task of choosing candidate sets of funds that play well together.
  • Modern Portfolio Theory is 65 years old, developed long before computers could analyze daily time domain data.
  • Temporal Portfolio Theory extends MPT by utilizing the cross-disciplinary sciences of Holistic Risk Management, Matched Filter Theory and Differential Signal Processing
    to improve overall investment performance.
  • Only by owning the trend leader and avoiding the laggards can one simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk!

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AlphaDroid levels the playing field with Wall Street by putting the power of award winning high performance investment algorithms in your hands. Its True Sector Rotation algorithm owns only the momentum leader in bull markets, and its StormGuard algorithm invokes a Bear Market Strategy when the bear starts to roar. Only by owning the trend leader and avoiding the laggards can you simultaneously improve returns and reduce risk.

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