Whether it is for managing their own personal portfolio or a client’s portfolio, many investors are recognizing the increasingly sophisticated market environment, and are choosing to explore investment management software as a way to streamline information and processes. Although we are surrounded by technology, many firms and investors are fearful of the old stereotypes on the limitations of investment portfolio software — even though most of these stereotypes and beliefs are not, by any means, true.

AlphaDroid, an elite investment portfolio management software for financial investors and advisors, has helped contribute to the success of trading for many in the industry. With algorithmic trading strategies, investment tracking software, and other great features, AlphaDroid is considered the best portfolio management software by various investors. If you are still haunted by the limitations of using investment management software, let us help put your mind at ease by debunking some of the most common misunderstandings associated with investment portfolio management software, contrasted by the reality of modern investment portfolio software, like AlphaDroid.

Myth #1: Multiple Platforms Are Required To Handle All Reporting Needs

C’mon, it’s 2018. If your portfolio management software contains performance, exposure, and liquidity reporting in any asset class or across any structure of a portfolio, it is time to begin the search for a new solution. While it is true that some portfolio management platforms cannot handle complicated asset allocation models, or even provide performance and exposure reporting in one convenient place, AlphaDroid, on the other hand, takes a more holistic investment management. AlphaDroid allows for supporting data aggregation, detailed risk and exposure reporting, configurable investment performance reportings, and backtesting abilities — all within a single, convenient software platform. This makes managing portfolios much more simple and helps save investors and traders time.

Myth #2: Investment Management Software Has Limited Analysis and Reporting Features

We currently are in the age of big data, and thanks to new technological innovations, financial investors can leverage that date in a seemingly unlimited amount of ways more than ever before. The portfolio analytics in AlphaDroid brings to life complex calculations by simplifying the selection and construction, operation, and maintenance of an investor’s investment strategies and portfolios. From instant charts to custom portfolio reports, AlphaDroid is the most comprehensive portfolio analytics tool created with financial traders, investors, and advisors in mind.

Myth #3: Excel Offers More Customization Than Investment Software Applications

Built upon a true multi-class foundation, AlphaDroid takes into account the unique challenges and obstacles of each asset class and provides users with varying degrees of transparency with just a simple click of a mouse. AlphaDroid’s completely configurable trading platform features a user-friendly dashboard, the ability to create and backtest strategies, and the ability to instantly view updated reports and movements. While more traditional investors may be hesitant to steer away from Excel, using a modern investment portfolio management software will make a significant difference.

We understand that some people may still be unsure about using investment management software, but AlphaDroid has been configured to meet the unique needs of financial traders and investors. If you are interested in trying AlphaDroid, start a free trial today!